6" Lurker

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Don't let the small profile fool you. The 6" Landit Lurker is a multi species catching machine. At only 2.4 oz you can cast this all day with little to no strain on your shoulder. Built with triple sealed premium cedar, 1/16 Stainless steel through wire construction, 5 total coats of epoxy, and 1/8 lexan diving lip these baits can withstand the force of a musky time and time again.  The Lurker is a floating crank bait that can be fished like you're traditional crank bait, but also doubles as a twitch bait in and around cover. If you prefer trolling, try adding a lurker to your spread... You may just realize how important downsizing is when the bite gets tough! Lurkers will reach 12-15 ft deep in the water column.