7.5” Landslide

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Ever take the dog for a walk and it gets eaten by a musky? If you answered no, this bait will help you fulfil that experience.

The 7.5" Landit Landslide is a slow sink glide bait that features not only a subsurface "walk-the-dog" action and death wobble on the fall- It also doubles as a swim bait if fished properly. With stainless steel through wire construction, 5 coats of epoxy and triple sealed lumber these baits are built musky strong.
-At a sink rate of 1/2 ft per second, you will experience a great deal of hang time.  Key for keeping this bait in the strike zone longer. Which, in turn, increases your chance of pulling fish out of their ambush spots and ultimately allowing them to eat in the kill zone. 
- By rhythmically twitching your rod tip on slack line, landslides will dance in their own wake and create an enticing disturbance in the all levels of the water column. Mix in a consistent moderate/fast retrieve and you'll have a bait that swims side to side fluidly.  At approximately 5 oz and 10.5" total length (including soft tail) these are  baits where you can fish all day and still expect to land a big fish.
- All landslides have the option to be built with or without a 6" kalins mogambo grub soft tail.

- It is imperative that one must use a clasp style leader while fishing Landit Gliders due to the style of the tow point (through wire line tie). If you use add a split ring/steel circle this will take from the consistency of the action and alter the performance of the bait drastically. 

- Mixing between a twitch-pause retrieve and a sudden but fast crank of your reel will produce the most violent strikes. Typically when Im fishing this bait I will walk the dog subsurface around cabbage or other productive vegetation, pause and let the bait fall, then quickly begin reeling through semi thick clusters of those same weeds. Once the bait picks up speed it will act like a swimbait. The change in motion coupled with the disturbance to fish habitat triggers the meanest fish in the system. This is usually when fish decide they need to capitalize on their opportunity and strike head first. 

- When fishing a landslide boat side there really is no wrong way. Being familiar with boat side behaviour for fish on your lake helps. However, we discovered a method that proved to be extremely effective on the waters of Lac Seul. From the full cast, fish the bait how you normally would any glider. When you get about 12-15 ft from the begin your figure 8 like you would with a set of big blades. In other words, start cranking. As the bait approaches the first turn keep it moving, fast. Now, move the tip of your rod to and from the boat by about a foot (almost like stick handling in hockey where you keep switching from forehand to backhand). You'll notice the bait will maintain an aggressive side to side action. Thats what you want. Free spool on outside turns and let the bait sink for a couple seconds. Watch as the bait slides away from the boat in a volatile fashion. Be prepared because this is usually when the bait gets crushed.