7" Lizzy

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The 7" Landit Lizzy is a MUST have crank bait if you're a serious esox angler in search of a trophy. Don't let the 7" profile fool you, because this bait is tried and true in hooking large fish both trolling open water and casting.

At 3.9oz, you can toss the Lizzy on most musky rods with little to no effort. With 1/16 Stainless steel through wire construction, 1/8 lexan (round) lip, triple sealed premium cedar lumber, and triple epoxy top coat this crank can withstand numerous fish for seasons to come.  

Suggested Hooks: 4/0 KVD Triple Grip 

Suggested leader: Mahu's Prime Time - Trolling series

Casting yields anywhere from 8-12 ft in depth depending on the speed of your retrieval.

Trolling @ 3mph (LINE OUT FT VS DEPTH FT)

10-20ft -> 5-7FT DEPTH

20-50ft  -> 8-11FT DEPTH

50-70ft -> 12-15FT DEPTH

70+ ft -> 15+ FT DEPTH